Thursday, May 31, 2012

Building Speed Featured Artists

Anthony-Michel Mautemps


    Anthony-Michel Mautemps is a bit of a Renaissance man. By trade, he is a professional motorcycle mechanic and owner of Portland's Bridge City Cycles. Turns out, he is also a highly talented & well versed photographer. Originally hailing from New York City, Anthony now calls Portland his home, and we are lucky to have him here for both his skill sets. And the guy just rocks.
    For the Building Speed exhibition, Anthony will be presenting a collection of "mechanic's eye view" photographs, which visually articulate and capture what it means to be a motorcycle mechanic. Disassembled Yamaha carburators getting a re-jet? Check. Mid-valve adjustment on a vintage Honda CB750 Cafe Racer? Check. A stream of hot black oil pouring out of a 67' Triumph Bonneville crankcase? Yeah, he photographs that too. Because, not all of us are found upside down, wrenching under a bike lift, and seeing the things Anthony gets to see.

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